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Nobody Likes Cold Calls

I'm receiving 3-5 cold calls per day. How about you? How many emails? (I will group calls and emails into one category here, for brevity).

I hate receiving them, but I feel for people making them - sales development reps (SDRs). They are doing their jobs, trying to make a living.

I also understand the companies who gave them this job. Companies need new customers. And in b2b, customers rarely come to the businesses themselves.

On average, an SDR makes 50-100 calls, speaks with ~10-15 people, and schedules ~1 meeting for their account executives every day. So much wasted effort... Thousands and thousands of hours.

Nobody liked cold calling in the first place. Younger generations like it even less. Very few young people want to be SDRs. Many go into this position hoping to transition into other roles as soon as possible. The turnover is astonishing.

So, what do we have? Nobody is at fault. Yet, almost everyone suffers. Prospects receive so many calls they don't want. SDRs get so many "NOs" and hang-ups. Sellers pay for much more calls they actually turn into business opportunities.

Most of the modern solutions aimed at solving the problem often make it worse: more emails per day, auto-dialers, intelligent help during calls, etc. Thousands hacking at the leaves of evil, and no one striking at the root.

I always thought there should be a better way. Something more natural, more humane.

I feel a big change is coming to the B2B sales. I believe the time has come.

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